Recording breaking number of medalists from UBTech return home from Utah State SkillsUSA competition

By Stephanie Carter

Students at Uintah Basin Technical College (UBTech) not only broke the College’s record this year of earning the most medals from the SkillsUSA Utah Leadership and Skills Competition, but also the record of bringing home the highest number of gold medalists.

Thirty-nine students from Uintah Basin Technical College (UBTech) medaled recently at the 2022 state competition with twenty-six students as gold medalists, nine silver, and five bronze.

UBTech sent 62 students to compete at the state level, resulting in over half standing on the medalist stand and over thirty percent of students who competed winning the gold in their respective fields.

“I wish to express my appreciation and congratulations to all our faculty and staff who assisted in preparing UBTech students for this wonderful experience,” said Weight. “Our students’ achievements were remarkable!”

Notably, this year UBTech swept the Welding Sculpture in the secondary category. Also, with the gold medalist coming from the post-secondary Welding category, it keeps the legacy of UBTech holding a state champion in welding for the last seven consecutive years.

In addition, over the past 26 years UBTech students have medaled in a welding category (individual, fabrication team, or sculpture), said Jeff Taniguchi, UBTech faculty welding instructor.

UBTech students have medaled in the Nursing Assistant and Carpentry categories for the past four years. This year was also the highest number of post-secondary students who competed and placed.

The seventeen gold medalists include: Ricardo Madrize, Automotive Refinishing Technology, secondary student; Dallin Jensen, Automotive Service Technology, secondary student; Elizabeth Centeno, Carpentry, post-secondary student; Ethan Bowden, Carpentry, secondary student; Kristopher Morgan, Diesel Equipment Technology, secondary student; Valirie Serawop, Extemporaneous Speaking, post-secondary student; Gage Campbell, Information Technology Service, secondary student; Suzanna Goodlow, Job Interview, post-secondary student; Sierra Lee, Medical Terminology, secondary student; Isabelle James, Nurse Assisting, secondary student; Shane Riley, Power Equipment Technology, secondary student; 4-person team, Kolby Winterton, Taylor Young, Carston Denver, and Traven Miller, TeamWorks, secondary students; 3-person team, Strayden Olsen, Devin Dahlberg, and Lucas Duncan, Welding Fabrication, secondary students; Stacyn Thorlaksen, Welding Sculpture, secondary student; and William Hansen, Welding, post-secondary student; Brooklyn Connelly, First Aid/CPR, secondary student. 4- person team, Adam Hadlock, Laura Anderson, Ashlyn Angus, and Betny Allen, Health Knowledge Bowl, secondary students.

The nine silver medalists include: Madison Montoya, Carpentry, secondary student; Catlien Kettle, Commercial Baking, secondary student; Jazmine McGee, Culinary Arts, secondary student; Shelby Accuttoroop, Medical Math, secondary student; Ashlyn Coxson, Nurse Assisting, secondary student; Alexander Southam, Power Equipment Technology, secondary student; Adam Twiss, Welding Sculpture, post-secondary student; and Taylor Blodgett, Welding Sculpture, secondary student; TaiLeigh Ulwelling, First Aid/CPR, secondary student.

The five bronze medalists include: Elana Lasa, Culinary Arts, secondary student; Scotlyn Williams, Job Interview, secondary student; Damon Warby, Plumbing, secondary student; Jessicamaria Briona McDonald, Welding Sculpture, post-secondary student; and Ashley Taylor, Welding Sculpture, secondary student.

Also congratulations to UBTech graduates and previous Cabinetmaking Gold medalist from UBTech, Brigg Edwards, who took the gold again as a post-secondary student at Utah Valley University, and previous student and gold medalist from UBTech in Cabinetmaking, Joshua Costello, also competed from Utah Valley University and received a silver medal in the post-secondary category.

UBTech was the second highest in the state of Utah in receiving the most gold medals, just behind UVU.

“UBTech would also like to take this time to acknowledge Taydn Holmes, who was the first-ever National Gold Medalist from UBTech during the virtual national competition last year,” adds Weight.

Gold medalists will have an opportunity to compete at the SkillsUSA National Leadership & Skills Conference in June at Atlanta, Georgia.

Scroll for photos. Photos don’t include all the medalists, just a few photos to share from the competition.

Brooklyn Connelly, on right, took the gold medal and fellow friend and classmate, TaiLeigh Ulwelling, on left, won silver in the First Aid/CPR category at the State SkillsUSA competition.

Ricardo Madrize brought home the gold in the Automotive Refinishing Technology category at the State SkillsUSA competition.

Biting their gold medals in celebration is the three-person Welding Fabrication winners, Strayden Olsen, Devin Dahlberg, and Lucas Duncan. William Hansen, pictured left, is the state champion with a gold medal in the welding category as a post-secondary student. Proud welding instructor, Rick Prather, in middle.

UBTech sneaking a peak during the Job interview competition at the State SkillUSA Competition. Suzanna Goodlow was later awarded with the gold medal.

Medalists from the UBTech Culinary Arts program include, Catlien Kettle (left), with a silver medal in Commercial Baking, Jazmine McGee (right) with a silver medal in Culinary Arts and Elana Lasa (middle), with a bronze medal in the Culinary Arts division.

Ethan Bowden during the Carpentry competition at State SkillsUSA. Ethan later is announced the gold medalist winner.

Valirie Serawop showing her gold medal from the Extemporaneous Speaking category.

Stacyn Thorlaksen (middle) brings home the gold in the Welding Sculpture category. Proud welding instructors include Jeff Taniguchi on right and Jory Jelte on left.

UBTech Construction Instructor, Eric Christensen, pictured with UBTech student on right, Taydn Holmes, attended UBTech’s virtual watch party for the National SkillsUSA award ceremony. Taydn’s name was announced as the United States gold champion in the Construction competition. Taydn is the first ever UBTech student to achieve a gold medal at the National SkillsUSA competition.

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