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Financial Aid Policies

UBTech believes that training should be accessible to all individuals regardless of economic status. Students are encouraged to visit the financial aid office just prior to and throughout their enrollment for other scholarship opportunities.
Veterans of Military Service who have been honorably discharged will get priority in the selection process by attaching a copy of their DD 214 to the scholarship application.

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Federal Financial Aid

What is Federal Student Aid?
Federal student aid comes from the U.S. Department of Education. Its money that may help a student pay for higher education expenses such as tuition and fees, books and supplies, room and board, transportation and personal expense.
There are three main categories of federal student aid: grants, work study and loans.
The UBTech participates in the grants category only-Federal Pell Grant. The Federal Pell Grant, gift aid, is a grant for needy undergraduate students. The amount of your award is based on a formula which assesses your income and assets.
Who Gets Federal Student Aid?

Basic eligibility requirements are that you must:

  • Complete and submit your FAFSA to confirm financial need
  • Have a valid Social Security Number
  • Be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen
  • Register with Selective Service, if required
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Officially register and start attending in an approved training program as a regular student working toward a certificate
  • Not be in default on any federal loan or owe repayment on any grant at any school previously attended
  • Maintain satisfactory progress/attendance in your program of study according to the standards of the financial aid office

WARNING: If you are convicted of drug distribution or possession, your eligibility for Title IV Student Financial Aid is subject to suspension or termination.

Step 1.

Complete and submit your FAFSA application online 

FAFSA Application

UBTech school code is : 013721

Step 2.

Schedule an appointment with UBTech Student Success Center by calling either 435.725.7103 or 435.722.6914

FAFSA walkthrough videos:

Please allow 90 days for the complete financial aid processing cycle once you have submitted the following required documents to the financial aid office:

  • Pre-registration form (see Student Success Officer)
  • Application for financial assistance (From Student Success Officer or Here)
  • FOR FEDERAL AID ONLY: Requested verifications & additional documentation

If you are a student who has been selected for verification or unusual enrollment history by the U. S. Department of Education the processing time will be longer. The financial aid office is unable to credit Federal Pell Grant funds to your student account until we have concluded the verification and/or unusual enrollment history process in accordance with federal regulations.

Federal student aid is a process both at the government level and at the school level. Please do not bring in your student aid report on the first day of classes or shortly before and expect that your federal student aid will be ready or that charges will be covered.

When the processing cycle at UBTech is complete, eligible students will be notified by the Financial Aid Office.
The student must stop by the Financial Aid Office to discuss the terms of their award letter before an authorization will be placed on file in the registrar’s office so that tuition and fee charges may be covered.


It is the student’s responsibility to review the basic requirements. If you have questions or concerns, schedule an appointment with the financial aid coordinator.

WARNING: It is the student’s responsibility to make certain that they understand the requirements that govern their federal student aid.

Although tuition and fee charges are covered once the authorization is filed with the registrar’s office, students will not receive a check for allowable educational expenses until the actual disbursement has been made to their student account and gone through the processing cycle in the fiscal office. This means that once students have tuition & fee costs retained in their account any remaining credit balance will be returned to them in a check for allowable educational expenses.
After eligible students have been notified by the Financial Aid Office, they must go to the Student Services desk to pick up their check.

VA Educational Benefits

Some of the training programs offered by Uintah Basin Technical College are approved for VA Educational Benefits. The School Certifying Official, who is located in the Student Success Center, can assist in answering questions about programs and offerings at UBTech.
UBTech has been selected by GI Jobs Magazine as a military friendly school for 2013 and 2014. This honor places UBTech in the top 15% of all schools nationwide.
NOTE: Veterans of Military Service who have been honorably discharged will get priority on all UBTech scholarships.

UBTech Roosevelt Campus:

  • Auto Technology | 990 hours
  • CDL | 420 hours
  • Practical Nurse | 900 hours
  • Medical Assistant | 940 hours
  • Office Professional | 900 hours
  • Carpentry | 600 hours
  • Culinary Arts | 990 hours
  • Basic Welding | 300 hours
  • Intermediate Welding | 600 hours
  • Advanced Welding | 990 hours
  • Nursing Assistant | 100 hours
  • POST: Special Function Officer | 238 hours
  • POST: Basic Correction Officer | 150 hours
  • POST: Law Enforcement Officer | 308 hours
  • Security Support Technician | 1000 hours
  • Network Technician | 750 hours
  • IT Support Technician | 500 hours

UBTech Vernal Campus:

  • CDL | 420 hours
  • Civil Drafting Technician | 360 hours
  • Office Professional | 900 hours
  • Heavy Duty Diesel | 1050 hours
  • Carpentry | 600 hours
  • Basic Welding | 300 hours
  • Intermediate Welding | 600 hours
  • Advanced Welding | 990 hours
  • Nursing Assistant | 100 hours
  • Surgical Technologist | 1265 hours
  • Security Support Technician | 1000 hours
  • Network Technician | 750 hours
  • IT Support Technician | 500 hours

If you received a purple heart for wounds in action, you are eligible for a one year tuition scholarship. Bring a copy of your DD214 to the certifying official and request your scholarship.

Step 1.

Apply for benefits and submit your application online at

Step 2.

Call 435.725.7103 to schedule and appointment with the School Certifying Official.

Step 3.

Meet with School Certifying Official, please bring the following documents:

  • A copy of your DD214
  • Pre-registration form from Student Success Officer
  • Veteran student enrollment addendum
  • Prior training questionnaire
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