What is Learn and Work?

Learn and Work is a state of Utah program that provides unemployed, underemployed, and vulnerable workers, or those looking to re-route their career, with the opportunity to pursue short-term programs in Utah’s colleges and universities in order the acquire new skills for the workplace. The funding received from this program will cover tuition, books, and fees.

How do you qualify?

Applicants must be legal residents of the state of Utah and 18 years or older.

How do you apply?

Apply for Learn and Work assistance by scheduling an appointment with one of our Student Success Officers (below), Holly Mickelson (holly@ubtech.edu) or Trinity Long (trinityl@ubtech.edu)

Applicable Programs

UBTech offers five certificate programs for Learn and Work applicants:

  • Advanced Energy Transportation
  • CDL
  • Electrical Technician
  • IT Support Technician
  • Welding Basic Technician
  • Welding Intermediate Technician
  • Introduction to Lease Operating


Our modern institution is interested in cultivating an environment where young students can come together and learn in a creative and flexible environment. We work collaboratively with our students to achieve outstanding results.

Student Success Officers

Holly Mickelson
Holly MickelsonStudent Success Officer


Trinity Long
Trinity LongStudent Success Officer