The Artists

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Vanessa Barboza:

Hi I’m Vanessa! I’m based in Vernal UT and my favorite photography to create is

Landscape, Wildlife, and Portraiture.

But I really do love any kind of photography!

I attribute my unique/ eccentric style to my beloved hometown of Moab, UT.

Capturing a moment with my camera that might otherwise be missed is one of the best rewards! I Love making beautiful photos and find great joy in capturing the beauty of the unexpected.  Everything has beauty, you just have to find it!

Trista Merrell:

Trista Merrell lives in Vernal, Utah with her husband and two children. She creates colorful paintings from all mediums. She is inspired by nature and uses color to evoke feelings of nostalgia and wonder. Trista believes everyone is a creator of something and wants to inspire others to share their art.

Jasmynn Lawson:

Jasmynn is a visual artist specializing in handwoven textiles and sculpture. She draws inspiration from her deep love of nature, relationships, and God. Her personal experiences are handcrafted into textural and unique designs. Jasmynn’s aim is to inspire and encourage others to pursue their gifts.

Robin O’Crowley:

I love art! I love flowers! Painting has been part of my life on and off my whole life. But, in the last three years watercolor has become my medium of choice and it is very challenging. It is unforgiving. My love of flowers comes out by zeroing in on botanical art. There is such beauty in nature. I paint more for fun really.

I am a mother of seven grown children. I was born in Delaware and raised in California, graduating from high school in Illinois. I have my associates in business management and merchandising, graduating from UVCC. I love to serve others and have spent 5 ½ years on humanitarian missions throughout the world.

I love to garden in the summer and paint in the winter. My work centers on the things I love most the Savior and botanicals.

Stephen Sandau:

In high school I picked up my dad’s old Canon camera and went up the Fall River in Idaho to shoot a roll of black and white film. The day was perfect! I knew the pictures I worked so hard to capture were going to be amazing! It wasn’t until I got home that I realized the film hadn’t even caught on the take-up spool. In realty, I hadn’t taken a single image. Despite that first disappointment, I’ve enjoyed chasing pictures ever since. I delight in the hunt!

I live in the beautiful Uintah Basin… a picturesque region tucked up in the northeast corner of Utah. We have a variety of vistas and stunning landscapes to capture through the lens. Whether it’s a grand sweeping view of Flaming Gorge from the Red Canyon Overlook or the barren badlands of Red Wash. Not all the Basin beauty is on a grand scale. I love to find the small details to photograph. From miniature mushrooms to the petals of an alpine flower, or a prickly pinecone nestled in a bed of pine needles.

Janet Zeeryp:

I was raised on the shores of northern Lake Michigan where I grew to love the wild Boardman River running behind my childhood country home. My love of flowers started there, and I found myself inspired by the life and work of the American artist Georgia O’Keefe. I now paint every type of flower and have developed a series using the flowers of the fifty states, including a large work of the National Garland of Flowers which features all the state flowers.

Here in the Uintah Basin, I have my own art studio where I work in a variety of media that reflect the serenity and spiritual beauty of the Green River. I also teach classes showing young people how to paint.

Jeanne E. Newman:

The role of art in our world today is to share our joy in the beauty of the world with others; to elevate the mundane to the sublime; to record the meaning of a moment in time through quiet observation; to distill and to articulate the essence of such moments. To that end, Ms. Newman’s work mainly consists of impressions of our landscape, wildlife, and domestic animals.

Sherril B. Porter:

Art is in my genes.  I am the Son of Elbert H. Porter, famous dinosaur sculptor.   I studied art in high school and minored in art in college.   For a short time, I owned a sign shop.   My profession was Lab. Tech. at industrial facilities.   Now that I am retired, I plan on doing my passion which is Art and in particular, oil painting and watercolor.  Presently my interests are painting wildlife, landscapes, still life, etc.


A landscape always looks better with a human or animal figure. Buildings and structures also add interest. Often, I will usually take some time to study a subject before painting. I will get an idea and then research it with reference images from the internet or my own photos. I will sketch it out and write notes as how I want to proceed. The focal points, such as figures will be sketched out several times before deciding on a pose. I can take days before deciding on a painting. Other times I will just pick up a brush and paint. I also like to paint in nature with plein air technique. I like doing a lot of different things. I even do wet on wet style, similar to Bob Ross. Painting is to me at times almost magical or a gift.

Jennifer Bell:

I am from Logan, Utah, where I graduated from Utah State. I met my husband Rick Bell, while attending USU and moved to Vernal. I didn’t finish my schooling until after 6 babies came to join our family. In 1988 I went to work for Uintah School District.

Then, in 2001, all the kids were out of the nest, so I went back to school to complete a Master’s degree. I taught mostly 1st grade for 31 years. Now I’ve retired and have a little more time.

I’ve always liked art and a year ago I started taking watercolor classes from Lori Burchinal and a few other artists. I also like to do pencil drawings. I am a co-owner of Boot Hill Farms and Foods including an on-farm store where we sell meats, raw milk, eggs, and other fresh agricultural products.

Janeal Johnson:

An Artist since the age of eight, Janeal has studied and works in many genres of art.  Attended both Dixie College and Weber State College in the study of fine art.

Janeal works in many genres of art, floral design, graphic design, pen and ink, graphite pencil, acrylic paint, watercolor, jewelry making, sculpture and mixed media, upcycling and photography. She designs her own Steampunk top hats and actively works in the cosplay world of fabrication. Consisting of weaponry, masks, makeup, armor, shields, staffs, and accessories.

Janeal currently works in the genre of tactile art. A newer art form which involves the viewer in the experience by allowing the individual to actually touch the artwork. This form of art is opening the world of art to those who are low vision or blind, by allowing them to view the artwork through the sense of touch.

Lori Burchinal:

Lori D. Burchinal was born and raised in Vernal, Utah, where she raised her three children and now has 11 grandchildren.  Her passions in life are being in the great outdoors, painting, fly fishing and enjoying friends and family. In addition to being an avid fly-fisherman, she is a Rod Builder and a Tier of Trout Flies. She owned her own business…”Big Foot Fly Shop” for almost two decades. Lori dabbled in painting with oils, and watercolor while running the Fly Shop, but decided to sell business and home to pursue her love for art.

Lori has entered many exhibitions receiving various awards, including the David Gale Memorial Award at the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies. Lori traveled to Florence Italy to enroll in Florence Classical Academy of Arts, a Russian based atelier in the Classical Art Training and immersed in the ambience of the Italian spirit of the arts. She is now studying under Jeff Heim as well as teaching, holding workshops here in our little town of Vernal, Utah and attending workshops to perfect her craft.

Deena Millecam:

Deena Riley Millecam grew up on a fruit farm in Payson Utah. She moved to Vernal in 1969 when her husband, the late John Millecam, dragged her to the Uintah Basin. Fifty-two years later after raising seven children in this beautiful area, she moved to St George.

Deena enjoyed her experience in education with the youth and her peers in the Uintah schools.

Deena teaches art classes and exhibits in galleries throughout the state. She, along with Stephen Sandau, have combined their art in a traveling show ‘Brush&Lens’ presently being exhibited at Uintah Heritage Museum.

Deena pays honor to her husband and best friend, John Millecam, past owner of Utah Motor Co. and grandfather of nineteen grandchildren and one little great!