Student Records

In order to receive or send your UBTech transcript, please fill out the Transcript Request Form and bring in, scan and email, or fax to the Roosevelt registrar’s office.
Fax: 435.722.6999

Transcript Regulations

Requests will be processed within 7 – 14 working days from the time of submission.
Federal Law prohibits the release of transcripts without written authorization form the student. Requests made by persons other than the student will not be processed without the written authorization of such student.
Transcripts cannot be issued until all accounts with the college are paid in full.

Transfer Policy

Transfer From Another School to UBTech:

It is the policy of the College to grant credit for competencies required to obtain a Certificate as long as the student presents official credentials/transcripts from other institutions which verify competencies completed or receive a waiver of competency by successfully passing specified competency exams. Technical competencies must be successfully passed with the program instructor for competency credit to be granted.

Transfer Between Programs at UBTech:

Students desiring to transfer from one program to another within the school must complete the following steps:

  1. Meet with the program advisor in the current program and fill out a Program Change Request Form. (Advisor signature required.)
  2. Meet with the Student Success Office to check that the student meets the entrance requirements for the new program. (Student Services Office signature required.)
  3. Meet with the sponsoring agency and/or the Financial Aid Office if the student is receiving financial assistance. (Sponsor and/or Financial Aid Office signature required or marked N/A if un-sponsored.)
  4. Competencies that are the same will be transferred between programs.

Student records may only be released to the student or his/her designee as directed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). Personally identifiable information or records relating to a student will not be released to any individual, agency, or organization without the written consent of the student as described in FERPA regulations, except “Directory Information” which may be released unless the student specifically withholds permission to do so.

To prevent directory information from being disclosed, students need to complete a “Request to Withhold Information Form”. Take time to review your rights at the government’s FERPA GENERAL GUIDANCE FOR STUDENTS homepage.

The College securely and confidentially maintains your social security number for routine uses such as facilitating document matching, verifying you identity, and expediting your enrollment. Disclosure of your Social Security Number is voluntary, but failure to provide it may result in delay or loss of tax credits.

All student academic records are maintained, secured, and disposed of in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations. All student records information is maintained on UBTech’s Student Information System at the main campus. UBTech maintains records for each student which may include: previous education, attendance, progress, tuition and fees, demographics, training outcomes, competencies obtained, and certificates awarded.