UBTech announces first annual Giving Week to fund scholarships

By, Lezlee Whiting

In this season of gratitude and thanksgiving, UBTech is excited to provide an opportunity for everyone to participate in the first annual UBTech Giving Week to raise money for student scholarships.

“We live in the most giving of all communities,” said UBTech President, Aaron K. Weight. “We are grateful for your desire to bless the lives of others. The benefits of investing in the future of tomorrow, through the gift of an education today, are immeasurable.”

This year’s Giving Week will be held Monday through Saturday, December 7 – 12.

“Alumni, current students, faculty and staff, and all who are endeared to the college, are invited to be part of this wonderful opportunity,” said Mark Dockins, vice president of development for UBTech.

One hundred percent of all funds collected go towards student scholarships, said Dockins.

UBTech’s low tuition rates make a technical education affordable. Donations of every size are welcome. For each $10 donated a student receives 5 hours of instruction.

“We know education is the great equalizer. We are in the business of helping our residents re-school, re-tool and re-cover,” said Dockins.

Student scholarship donations can be made in numerous ways. Participate on the UBTech website at ubtech.edu, by clicking on “Giving Week” located under “Campus Info”, visit a local business listed on the website and give to a UBTech scholarship stocking, or participate on Venmo (@ubtech-foundation). A special social media Giving Day will be held on UBTech’s Facebook page on Thursday, December 10 where donations of $25 or more can get you a pair of UBTech socks!

UBTech scholarships change lives

By, Lezlee Whiting

Melvin Brown, a CDL student who had been laid off from a job that he held for fifteen years, was having difficulty finding any type of employment that met his financial needs. He is retraining as a professional truck driver thanks to donations that funded his scholarship. “I think getting my CDL will open a lot of new doors of opportunity for me,” said Brown.

Langton Chidarara is taking classes to become an IT support technician. He is the first in his family to attend college. The opportunity is made possible through a UBTech scholarship. “It is said that ‘every human being needs oxygen to survive in the world.’ The training from UBTech is as important as this because the knowledge and skills that I am going to acquire will equip me with vital ingredients that are needed in the workforce,” said Chidarara.

Sawyer Fulton, who completed a UBTech IT certificate said his scholarship gave him “the chance of a lifetime.” Without the financial hand up, he said his opportunity for an education would have been slim. “There are openings that I will be able to fill thanks to UBTech and its IT department,” said Fulton.

As a drafter with an Associate degree, Annette Clark wanted to enhance her employability. She enrolled in Civil Drafting Technician intent on earning her certificate. Her UBTech scholarship has made this possible. “I would like to express my thanks for all the help you (scholarship donars) give to those in the community,” she said.

When health concerns prompted Ann Collier to change her occupation, she decided to enroll in the administrative assistant program. The empty nester is now learning the skills she needs to land an office job. She is grateful for UBTech’s community partners who fund student scholarships. “As a woman re-entering the workforce these courses have been invaluable,” Collier said.

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