BHI Donates 8,000 Pounds of Steel to UBTech Welding Students

In a step towards strengthening technical education and hands-on learning experiences, UBTech extends its gratitude to BHI for their generous donation of 8,000 pounds of steel and pipe materials.

This substantial contribution is set to play a role in enhancing the training of welding students at UBTech, providing them with invaluable opportunities to refine their skills and knowledge.

The donation, comprising high-quality steel and pipe materials, reaffirms BHI’s commitment to fostering growth within the technical education sector and nurturing future professionals. The materials will serve as essential resources for welding students at UBTech, offering them a real-world context to practice and hone their craft. With hands-on experience being a cornerstone of technical education, this collaboration between UBTech and BHI is poised to elevate the learning journey of aspiring welders.

UBTech’s welding program is renowned for producing skilled and industry-ready graduates, and this donation from BHI only seeks to amplify its impact.

“This donation exemplifies the symbiotic relationship between education and industry,” said Vice President of Instructional Services, Michiel Bostick. “We are incredibly thankful to BHI for their generosity and commitment to UBTech students.”

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