WCF commits to aiding Uintah Basin students through substantial donation to UBTech

Wildlife Conservation Foundation (WCF) has solidified its commitment to education and community development through a strategic partnership with Uintah Basin Technical College.

This partnership will provide students at UBTech with valuable scholarships that foster technical skills and empower the local workforce.

As a respected conservation group and active participant in the community, WCF recognizes the importance of giving back to the community that has supported its endeavor, said Kevin Richens, President of WCF.

The partnership with UBTech involves a substantial donation of $25,000. The funds will be disbursed over five years to any student pursuing a certificate at UBTech.

UBTech offers 47 certificate programs in helping individuals become workforce ready in areas of trades, medical professions, energy services, business, and industry.

“WCF’s support is changing lives and futures,” said UBTech President Aaron Weight. “With many of our students struggling to afford even basic educational materials, this contribution makes a profound difference in their journey toward success. The partnership exemplifies the positive impact that can be achieved when community-minded organizations and educational institutions collaborate to support our community’s growth.”

“We’re a conservation group but we’re also deeply community involved,” said Richens. “Our funds come from community members and we believe in reinvesting in community events and initiatives.”

WCF was created out of a desire for effective, local impact.

“After experiencing limitations in a previous group, we decided to create WCF in 2020,” said Richens. “Our goal was to channel resources directly into the community and we’ve been dedicated to this vision ever since.”

“We’re not only supporting UBTech and Utah State University through local scholarships but we’ve also raised substantial funds to provide specific family support, in addition to our conservation efforts,” said Richens.

These initiatives not only benefit the outdoors but also contribute to the well-being of Uintah Basin residents. WCF board members said their aim is to empower these students to access education without financial barriers.

“Allred’s Landscaping is already a partner with UBTech. It was a natural progression to extend that support to education through WCF,” shared Ben Allred, a WCF board member and partner-owner of Allred’s Landscaping. “UBTech nurtures skills that contribute to our local workforce, ensuring our youth can thrive here in our community.”

Lynn Labrum, another WCF board member, has experienced the positive outcomes of WCF’s collaborative efforts that are now joined with scholarship contributions from area businesses including Echo Car Wash, 3rd East NAPA and Mud Flats Car Wash.

The partnership between WCF and UBTech is a testament to the potential of community-driven initiatives. WCF reinforces its commitment to creating a brighter future by fostering education and skill development.

This assistance often starts a new trajectory for students, changing their lives and the lives of their families, said Weight. “The Uintah Basin has very good people, the best you’re going to find anywhere in the world.”

Pictured left to right Pam Cochran, Executive Assistant to the President; Kyla Allred, Vice President of Executive Relations; Stephanie Carter, Vice President of Marketing and Communications; Aaron Weight, UBTech College President; Kevin Richens; WCF President, Ben Allred, WCF Board Member; Lynn Labrum, WCF Board Member; Beau Handcock, WCF Board Member. Not pictured, Doug Betts, WCF Board Member.

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