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Almost everything we use is moved across the country by truck. The CDL Program prepares students with the skills they need to join the professional truck driving industry. Students will learn how to drive single trailers, including standards for transporting hazardous materials. They will be trained in logbook and map reading, accident procedures, backing, cargo documentation, control systems, coupling and uncoupling, space management, shifting, vehicle inspection, vehicle systems, hours of service, recognizing and reporting malfunctions, and visual search. The course also includes a DOT physical exam and drug screening. After receiving a Learners’ Permit, students can participate in “over-the-road” training to earn their license. There is currently a shortage of licensed professional truck drivers, and graduates will be prepared to gain employment in this high-demand profession.

Graduates are prepared with the skills and licensure to enter the high-demand field of professional truck driving. Job placement is available locally as well as nationwide.

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Program Length:

  • 210 Hours

Average completion time: 6 weeks

Important Dates/Times:

  • M-F| 8am-4pm

Tuition and Fees:

  • Tuition – $420
  • Fees – $2580
  • Books and Supplies – $45

Entrance Requirements:

  • 18 years or older
  • Minimum of one year driving experience
  • Math 8.0 Grade Level
  • Reading 8.0 Grade Level


  • Open-entry, Open-exit

Open to:

  • Adults 18 years or older


  • Roosevelt and Vernal

Additional Info:

  • Federal Financial Aid: No
  • VA Qualified: Yes
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Earning Potential:

  • $14 – $35 hourly

Local Utah hourly wages are estimated by

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Bo Dalton
Bo DaltonCDL Instructor
Ray Broadaway
Ray BroadawayCDL Instructor
Mike Hurley
Mike HurleyCDL Instructor
Tim Trujillo
Tim TrujilloCDL Instructor
Al Elison
Al ElisonCDL Instructor
Seth Taylor
Seth TaylorCDL Instructor

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